Why is there blood in my urine?

Why is there blood in my urine?

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    There are few people who complain that they have blood in the urine. If you are facing in the problem or someone in your known is facing this condition then it is important that you know the reason behind the same. If you are not aware why this happens then read the given topic properly.

    Blood in the urine is a very major concern. You should never ignore as it might occur because of some type of damage to the kidneys or urinary tract. The most common reason behind this condition is cancer of the urinary tract.

    Is it normal to have blood in the urine?

    The presence of blood in urine is known as haematuria. If it is proper red then it is called gross haematuria. If it is not visible with eyes then it is called microscopic blood in the urine. These things can be known when you get the urine analysis from the urologist

    What is the reason behind blood in urine?

    This condition occurs because of 3 different reasons which are mentioned below:

    Cancer of the urinary tract

    Blood in the urine is because in the urinary tract there is the presence of cancerous tumors like the kidneys, bladder, prostate, or ureter. In India, people over the age of 40 are affected by this type of cancer which is around 2%.

    To know about the extent of cancer it has spread the grade and stages of bladder cancer will tell. It is manageable if the tumor is only present on the surface of the bladder. The bladder cancer occurs if the person smokes or there is exposure to harmful chemicals.

    Well, this condition can be treated. Bladder cancer treatment will depend on what stage you are.

    Ureteric, kidney, or bladder stone

    A kidney stone is deposits of mineral & salts. They are mainly formed because of the in the urine water content is very low. The stones are very sharp which at times can leave a scratch on the kidneys inner lining. This is the reason blood can appear in the urine.

    Other symptoms of a kidney stone include:

    • Vomiting and nausea
    • A frequent urge to pass urine often
    • Intermittent pain in the lower back
    • While urinating burning sensation

    Getting them diagnosed at an early stage is helpful as the problem can be prevented. So, visit the urology center to know if you are facing any problem or not.

    Prostate enlargement in men

    Blood in the urine sometimes might indicate enlarged prostate. This condition is very common in men after the age of 50. When the size increases so much it puts pressure on the urethra. It has blood vessels which can get affected when it gets enlarged which leads to haematuria.

    Consult the doctor today only to know how the problem can be treated effectively.

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