Why is Vaccination Important During Pregnancy?

Why is Vaccination Important During Pregnancy?

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    We know that vaccination is an important part of the child’s health. They play a  crucial role in ensuring that the baby stays out of the hazard of getting infected with some of the deadliest diseases. The vaccinations start right from the birth of the baby with some happening within 2-3 days of the birth. However, some vaccinations are given to the pregnant woman to ensure that the baby is protected against diseases right in the womb. A pregnant lady should visit the gynae regularly to ensure her and her unborn child’s wellbeing. While it is easy for some couples to conceive naturally, some couples might have to consult an IVF doctor to undergo IVF for a successful pregnancy. Gynae Ludhiana will help you in getting the right guidance.

    Vaccination before pregnancy 

    Vaccination before pregnancy is given to ensure that the mother and her unborn child are protected from the following deadly diseases-


    • Rubella


    Rubella is a viral infection which shows up in the form of rash and fever. Although the symptoms are mild, it can lead to severe congenital defects in the child if a pregnant lady catches it. It can even cause preterm labor or abortion of the child. The vaccine should be given after checking the rubella immunity status of the woman. It should be taken at least 1 month before planning the pregnancy.


    • Chickenpox


    Chickenpox can lead to serious problems in the unborn child if the mother gets infected with it during pregnancy. Women who didn’t have chickenpox in their childhood should discuss this fact with the doctor.


    • Hepatitis B


    The woman can pass this disease to the unborn child if she carries the infection. Couples planning a baby must talk to the doctor about Hepatitis B vaccination.

    Vaccines during Pregnancy

    Vaccines are given to pregnant women generally contain viruses which have been killed or inactivated. Vaccines with the live virus are not given to the expectant women. The following vaccines are given during pregnancy-


    • Tetanus Toxoid (TT) –The vaccine helps the mother and the unborn baby in fighting the tetanus infection. Although it can be given anytime during pregnancy, it is usually given in the fourth month of pregnancy.



    • TdaP –It offers protection against 3 diseases –  Tetanus Toxoid, reduced diphtheria Toxoid, and acellular pertussis vaccine. It  is given anytime between 27 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.


    Flu Vaccine/Shot – It is given to the women who get pregnant during the flu season. It can be given anytime during pregnancy.

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