Why Is Vitamin B6 Necessary during Pregnancy?

Why Is Vitamin B6 Necessary during Pregnancy?

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    Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin used in different ways to produce amino acids and micronutrients are metabolized like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Vitamin B6 is extremely essential for the body in terms of brain function and cell production. Read the given topic to learn the importance of Vitamin B6 during pregnancy.

    Importance of Vitamin B6 for Pregnant Mother

    Our gynae always recommends the pregnant mother to take Vitamin B6 as it is essential for the nervous system and brain. Moreover, this also plays an essential role in the baby’s development. Most importantly, it is ideal for serotonin and norepinephrine, and key neurotransmitters.

    The women who are undergoing the treatment of IVF in Punjab need to make sure to take all the essential supplements as suggested by the doctor. Treatment of IVF has helped many couples to get pregnant despite all the odds.

    Why is Vitamin B6 consumption needed?

    • Vitamin B6 can resolve morning sickness.
    • Vitamin B6 maintains proper glucose levels.
    • Vitamin B6 prevents different issues in newborns like low birth weight and eczema.
    • Vitamin B6 is needed for the nervous system and brain development.

    In many cases, the women are prescribed B6 to the patients who have severe vomiting and nausea

    How much is needed?

    Most of the women under 50 should take around 2.5 to 25 mg of Vitamin B6 every day. This is a great way to manage morning sickness and nausea. One of the studies has shown that if women take 10 to 25 mg of B6 regularly 3 times, it helps to give relief from nausea.

    But, excessive intake should be avoided as it also comes with risk. So, you need to consult the doctor and take the multivitamins as suggested by the doctor. If you take even a slight amount in excess it can lead to numbness, nerve damage, or other health issues. ideally, it is best to not take more than 100mg in a day.

    Are there any natural food sources?

    Many food items provide Vitamin B6 like seeds and nuts, whole grain wheat and cereals, fruits like papayas, and bananas, lean meat, and fish are other great sources of Vitamin B6. The most common food sources of B6 includes:

    • Sunflower seeds (smaller amounts in pumpkin, sesame, flax and squash seeds)
    • Pistachios (hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews)
    • Dried fruit such as prunes, raisins, or apricots
    • Fish such as safe catch elite tuna and wild salmon
    • Poultry such as chicken and turkey
    • Lean pork
    • Lean beef
    • Bananas
    • Avocados
    • Spinach

    Vitamin B6 for pregnant women

    This is true, Vitamin B6 is safe for consumption. But, supplementing is not needed with a balanced diet. It is essential to follow a balanced diet and take prenatal vitamins. Consult the doctor right away if you have any doubt.

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