Dr. Ashish Koura

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    Best Urologist in Moga, Punjab

    Dr. Ashish Koura

    Dr. Ashish Koura

    We, at Gomti Thapar, are proud to introduce to you one of the two gems who have a big hand in laying the foundation of this hospital. Dr. Ashish Koura has clearly emerged as an epitome of professional excellence and ethics. Although his name is well known among the top urologists in Punjab, we would still like to divulge a few details about the great visionary. He has many successful surgeries to his credit and the urologist is still going strong, providing relief to thousands of patients with renal problems. After completing his education from one of the reputed institutes of India, the urologist has dedicated his life to the service of patients. He has been involved in the cure of many patients who had lost hope.
    Dr. Koura specializes in the treatment of various ailments like UTI, Kidney Diseases, Male Infertility, Ureteral Stones, Urethral Stricture, bladder Incontinence, and Interstitial Cystitis Kidney. Clearly, he can be named as the Best Surgeon in Moga.


    The clinic offers the facility of laparoscopic surgery for urological problems.
    The surgery is carried out using a long, thin tube which is fitted with a high-resolution camera. The image the camera captures is reproduced on a large monitor. The surgery carried out using this procedure is minimally invasive and calls for less recovery time.

    Kidney Stone Removal

    Kidney Stone Removal is carried out at the clinic under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashish Koura. The renowned urologist specializes in all issues and ailments related to kidneys.

    Bladder Stone Removal

    Bladder Stone is yet another common problem which is faced by many patients. With Dr. Ashish Koura around, there is definitely no reason to worry. The trusted surgeon will successfully eliminate all your stones and concerns with equal élan

    Appendix Operation

    Issues related to appendix usually call for the removal of the appendix. Such surgeries are carried out at our clinic with the latest technologies and ultimate professionalism.

    Urine Problems

    Many problems related to the urinary bladder can be seen in all age groups. We treat all kind of bladder problems, be it incontinence, UTI or bladder cancer.

    Prostate Enlargement

    Another condition which is commonly seen in the current times is Prostate Enlargement. It is commonly seen in men in their later years. The condition calls for specialized treatment processes which help in the removal of the enlarged portion. The procedures may be carried out endoscopically. We offer treatment of enlarged prostate using the latest and most advanced medical techniques.

    Your search for the best surgeon in Punjab is over when you arrive at Dr. Ashish Koura’s clinic.

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