Dr. Neelu Koura (Gynecologist)

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    Best Gynecologist in Moga, Punjab: Dr. Neelu Koura

    Dr. Neelu Koura

    Dr. Neelu Koura

    Dr. Neelu Koura holds the laurels for setting up the most up to date infertility and gynecological clinic in Moga. With an experience of 20 years and exceptional educational background, she is the most popular gynecologist in the region. These long 20 years have been spent tirelessly treating patients through private practice (6 years), slogging at civil hospitals ( 3 years) and training at medical colleges(5 years).

    Best Lady Doctor in Moga, Punjab

    Best Gynecologist in Moga, Punjab, The clinic established by her provides excellent IUI, IVF and ICSI facilities. The facility of laprohysteroscopy is also available at her clinic. Definitely, she is a medical professional beyond excellence. Her name is clearly defined as the Best Lady Doctor in Moga. She is an active member of many medical organizations. She has carved a niche for herself in the medical history for pioneering the establishment of premium gynecological and infertility services in Moga. The lady doctor in Moga does not believe in stopping at anything. She is in a state of evolution as a medical professional. She will be remembered for her valuable contribution to the medical fraternity.


    We all are well aware of the technique of IVF. The technique spells a ray of hope for the infertile couples. It addresses the reproductive problems of male as well as female infertility. It is known to benefit females with ovulatory problems, PCOD, and unexplained infertility. In males, it is a boon for people with poor sperm count and low mobility. The technique involves fertilization of the sperm and the egg under controlled lab conditions. The embryos so fertilized are monitored for 3-4 days and the best ones are implanted into the female. It is one of the most popular ART techniques. It does not come as a surprise given the fact that it is a solution for many male and female infertility issues.


    Females require entirely different medical guidance as their body structure and reproductive system is entirely different from their male counterparts. Females suffer from a lot of gynecological problems such as PCOD, ovarian cysts, and menstrual irregularities. These issues need to be addressed on an urgent basis as they influence the overall well being of the female. Poor hormonal health may lead to various other problems and infertility. Dr.Neelam provides excellent gynecological services at her clinic.


    PCOS is yet another common ailment seen in females. It is better known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome. It refers to the condition in which there are multiple cysts on the ovary of the female. Sometimes, the symptoms may be absent or go unnoticed but many times it is characterized by menstrual problems and cramps during periods. Treatment for PCOS is readily available at Dr.Neelu’s clinic. Dr.Neelu herself treats gynecological problems of her patients.


    It is yet another technique which assists in IVF. It is better known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is the procedure of injecting the sperm cell directly into the egg. This process is useful in the preparation of gametes for the obtention of embryos which are to be transferred to the uterus of the female. It is a relatively new technique but it has greatly improved the chances of fertilization of the egg during the IVF process.

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