Erectile dysfunction treatment in Faridkot

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Faridkot

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or Impotence is the problem of maintaining a firm erection to have sexual intercourse. Often the male partner reduced need or desire for sexual life creates issues in the partner’s life. Are you going through the same phase? Seek Erectile dysfunction treatment in Faridkot takes down the mental stress, brings back your lost self-confidence, and has a healthy relationship with your partner. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk about this concern with your partner and get medical assistance at Gomti Thapar Hospital at the earliest. The medical diagnosis will tell better if the problem’s reason is something else. 

What are the types of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are different types of ED. Some of the common types of erectile dysfunction are mentioned below:

Psychological  If the mind is not healthy, it can trigger anxiety, stress, and depression. These feelings create a problem with sexual health
Hormonal  When hormones are not balanced, they can affect sexual desire, performance, and libido.
Neurogenic Damage to the nerves can cause sudden erectile dysfunction.
Trauma or Physical Damage Fracture, damage, or deformity can trigger erectile dysfunction, which is difficult to treat or reverse without surgery.
Vasculogenic  Lack of blood flow to the penis can affect sexual desire.

What are the treatment options for Erectile dysfunction?

The ED treatment depends on the cause. Sometimes the combination of Erectile dysfunction treatment in Faridkot is required to address the problem. The list of possible treatment options are:

  • Counseling

Counseling helps the men facing ED problems. Talking to a health expert makes it easier to find out the root cause and get better results. Moreover, the problem can happen due to psychological issues like depression, stress, and relationship issues. So, what’s affecting mental health is known, and you are given a treatment plan. 

  • Oral medication (PDE5 inhibitors)

One of the most effective medications for ED. The medication helps to increase blood flow to the penis and helps with erection. Although if someone has health issues like heart problems, high blood pressure, and other medical concerns you should not take this medication. Moreover, there are adverse side effects, so it’s not recommended.

  • Lifestyle changes

Sometimes lifestyle change are suggested to the couples to make overall well-being better like:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Follow healthy diet


    • Hormonal treatment

    Do you have a hormonal imbalance? Is YES! Then you need to get hormone therapy. The doctor designs the hormonal balance treatment determining the patient’s condition.

    • Shockwave therapy to increase erection

    One of the most influential and advanced methods is ‘Shockwave therapy.’ A surgical method is a reliable option for improving erectile function. To see the results, you need to get around 6 to 12 sessions. 

    Are you struggling with your sexual life due to erectile dysfunction?
    Don’t let the problem linger. At Gomti Thapar Hospital, the expert team will guide you towards the most effective treatment plan to make a difference in your condition. No matter what doubt you have on your mind, ask the doctor about the same to get yourself a personalized treatment plan.

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