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    You should have your first pelvic exam at the age of 21 if you don’t have any medical problem.

    You should first carefully read the instructions at the back of the pill cover. Moreover, if you forget to take one pill and you should take 2 the following day. Additionally, it is a great idea to use condoms rather than taking birth control pills.

    People who are under 50 must need 1,000 mg of calcium every single day. If your age is above 50 then you need 1200mg every day. Try to get calcium in your diet rather than taking calcium supplements.

    If she has tested at home and find the result as positive then she must give us a call. We will schedule her appointment according to her last menstrual period.

    There is a range of foods you have to avoid during your pregnancy periods such as unpasteurized cheese, fish, meat, alcohol, and deli meats. Moreover, you should only consume healthy foods full of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, and iron.

    There is no such evidence not to have intercourse during pregnancy. Additionally, if your pregnancy is at high risk, then you have to some safety measures so that you can protect your child from a certain type of problems.


    Urology is explained as a medical specialty which focuses on the diseases of the genito-urinary tract in human being. In addition, Urology is also associated with the problems of the male reproductive system.

    Firstly, you should maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly so that you can avoid the risk of urological problems. Moreover, you should quit smoking and avoid consuming alcohol too much or you can only go with a healthy diet. You must avoid processed and oily foods because these can lead to many health conditions.

    Urination varies due to some factors such as your health condition and weight. If we talk about a healthy person then the person urinates near about 4 to 8 times a day. If you are urinating more at night time then you may have any health problem or you may drink more water before going to bed.

    There are various health problems which are contributing to incontinence such as age, smoking, obesity, diabetes, chronic bladder infection in women, drop in estrogen, and injury to the bladder in males. There are some other reasons which can contribute to this condition are over-consumption of drugs and side effects of medications.

    The main reason behind kidney stone is a change in the balance of water salts and minerals which are responsible for the formation of clusters in the kidneys. Moreover, there are different types of stones, for example, cysteine, calcium oxalate, ammonic magnesium, and uric acid.