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Are you planning to start a family?

FAMILY – The Greatest Treasure Of All

For a woman to see her family grow is one of the biggest blessings. There’s nothing that can top the joy of experiencing motherhood. But, not everyone can undergo this phase and often have difficulty getting pregnant. Even after trying to conceive for one year or six months, the joy of experiencing parenthood seems to be fading away. 

For such couples, a visit to the Gynecologist in Srinagar makes a difference. All those couples who seem to have a challenging phase in their conception journey should visit ‘Gomti Thapar Hospital.’ Our experienced Gynecologist: Dr. Neelu Koura. In her working years of 20 years & counting, she has helped to keep the fading hope alive for thousands of couples. Her expertise and brilliance allow the patients to put themselves in her safe hands. Talk to the doctor to get all the necessary answers to grow your family despite having difficulty earlier. 

Until now, our gynecologist has been giving her services at Gomti Thapar Hospital located in Punjab. Considering the increasing customer base of the patients from Srinagar, we decided to open our IVF centre in Srinagar. Women deserve comprehensive care, and that is what our Gynecologist: Dr. Neelu Koura is here to give you the same. 

Seek immediate Infertility treatment

Even after trying to conceive for the last six months or one year but cannot do so, it’s called being ‘INFERTILE.’Thankfully, the medical advancement has kept the couple’s hope alive to imagine through advanced and inventive treatment plans. Takedown the trip to one of the IVF Doctor in Srinagar: Dr. Neelu Koura, to familiarize yourself with fertility treatment and how it will be a boon for your pregnancy journey.

7 Reasons that make it difficult to get pregnant

Medically approved several reasons make it difficult for the couples to conceive on their own. Get the diagnosis by the fertility doctor to know: What’s the issue, and How can the problem be dealt with? Given below are some of the significant reasons that make it difficult to get pregnant naturally like:

  • Blocked fallopian tube or damaged fallopian tube
  • Endometriosis (problem that affects the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tube functioning)
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Sperm problem
  • Undergone tubal surgery
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Genetic disorder

A sedentary lifestyle, improper diet plan, excess alcohol intake, smoking, taking illicit products, or taking medications without prescription normal pregnancy chances.  

IVF treatment for Infertile couple in Srinagar- Blessing in disguise for couples

IVF treatment (In-Vitro-Fertilization) is Blessing in disguise for couples

diagnosed with infertility. The IVF treatment comes under ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Under this approach, the egg and sperm are collected together in a controlled environment. 

Steps of IVF Treatment

The IVF treatment in Srinagar involves a series of steps. The infertility specialist will give you a customized treatment plan depending on the diagnosis and your overall health. Now, Let’s talk you through the entire procedure of the IVF cycle performed by our IVF doctor:

Step 1: Beginning of IVF Journey

The initial phase is to get the checkup on a specified date as scheduled. Make sure the appointment you take at the fertility clinic in Srinagar is on the day of your menstrual cycle. 

Step 2: Ovarian Stimulation

Afterward, the women need to take medications n to stimulate their ovaries. The given step allows for an increase in egg count in the ovaries to boost the chances of pregnancy. Depending on your medical and overall state, the doctor proceeds with further treatment. Initially, injections are administered on the 21st day of the previous cycle. Then come back to the clinic on the 2nd or 3rd day of your menstrual cycle to begin ovulation. The medications are likely to result in mild discomfort and acidity. 

Step 3: Ultrasound examination

At regular intervals, vaginal ultrasound examinations are necessary. The analysis allows us to analyze the ovaries. If the situation does not seem correct, then changes are made to take care of the situation. 

Step 4: Trigger injection: HCG injection/GnRH injection

HCG/GnRH injection allows the egg to reach the final mature stage. Later the egg collection procedure is started around 34 to 36 hours after that. 

Step 5: Egg collection

Egg (Ovum pickup or collection) is one of the crucial parts of IVF success. The procedure is carried out through general anesthesia and performed through transvaginal sonography. Egg collection takes 15 to 30 minutes. You will have vaginal discomfort & some normal spotting, and it goes away within 1 or 2 days.

Step 6: Sperm collection

Sperm and egg collection: Done in one day. Your partner chooses whether to give the semen sample at the clinic or bring it from home. But, get the semen sample straight to the clinic within 30 minutes of collecting the sample. Don’t use any lubricants, and abstain from sexual intercourse at least 3 to 5 days before. 

Step 7: Kept under close watch for fertilization

Afterward, eggs and sperm are collected and kept together in a controlled environment. Once the embryo develops, it’s kept under a close watch to check its quality and ensure the embryo is healthy. If there is more than one good-quality embryo, it’s frozen to use for future pregnancy. 

Step 8: Embryo transfer 

The final stage – EMbryo transfer. Ideally, the embryo transfer is done three days after the fertilization as the embryo is in a good state. The embryo transfer procedure is fairly simple, and there is no such problem. 

Step 9: Pregnancy test

You need to come to the clinic for the pregnancy test 14 days after the embryo transfer. The blood test checks whether the IVF is successful. 

Cost of IVF treatment

On average, the cost of IVF treatment is around Rs 40,000. Depending on your overall state, the IVF Doctor informs you about the necessary cost you have to bear.

Where are we located?

Our Gynae OPD location is mentioned-below:

Location: At Dr. Mukhtar’s imaging Centre,Opposite Government Medical College,Karan Nagar, Srinagar(J&K),Schedule your initial consultation

Do you have any concerns on your mind? Feel free to discuss the same with our fertility doctor: Dr. Neelu Koura, and get a detailed understanding of the IVF cycle required for your condition. You still have a chance to grow your family. Just take the right first step, and everything will make sense to you. 

Don’t lose hope!

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