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Gomti Thapar Hospital: IVF Centre

14+ years experienced Dr Neelu Kaura’s Gomti Thapar Hospital : IVF or Test tube baby process is a term we hear often. We may also know its full form but not many of us know about it in the real sense. Here, we aim to clarify the basics of IVF.

Gomti Thapar HospitalTest Tube Baby Center in Punjab offers High Success Rates, through :

  • Customisation of IVF treatment
  • Optimisation of protocols
  • Standardization of Lab conditions

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    3 Most Common Problems Faced by Patients at IVF Centres in Punjab !

    • IVF Centres represent their success rate wrong which are highly inflated & misguiding.
    • IVF Centres speaks about various packages of IVF with hidden costs.
    • IVF Centres in Punjab tells you to take various expensive tests..

    Gomti Thapar Hospital provides the best IVF treatment in Punjab, with:

    • Compassion
    • Accountability
    • Transparency

    Dr. Neelu Koura M.S. (Obstetrics & Gynae)

    Dr. Neelu Koura M.S.(Obstetrics & Gynae)

    Gomti Thapar Hospital IVF Centre Moga,Punjab

    Gomti Thapar Hospital: IVF Centre

    Advantages of Gomti Thapar Hospital – IVF Centre

    • Lead by Dr Neelu Koura We Provide highly Advanced infertility treatment through Expertise, Technology & Global practices
    • Our Team is very much expert in carrying out Blastocyst Transfers
    • In order to ensure better success rates each IVF cycle is carried out individually not in batches.
    • Before starting the process you will be shown the IVF Lab & OT. You can take the decision after seeing all the facilities.
    • A trained team of Fertility coaches, counselors & co-ordinators will guide your through the process.
    • Our Doctors will provide you detailed counseling with lot of patience explaining the benefits of IVF along side will clear all your doubts about the processes and tests that are necessary.

    WHAT IS IVF or Test Tube Baby Process?

    Dr Neelu Kaura: Of course, almost all of us know that IVF stands for “In Vitro Fertilization”. The babies born with this technique are often referred to as test tube babies in Punjab, moga. If we look at it in detail, it is a procedure in which the fertilization process takes place in a lab petri dish. The process has been around for decades now. The first test tube baby, Lois Brown is now  40 years old and a ‘natural mother. After her birth, many babies across the world were produced by this innovative technology which is nothing short of a revolution in the world of ART. IVF Treatment in Moga is available in many clinics of the town. Gomti Thapar Hospital is the ideal destination for childless couples.
    Gomti Thapar Hospital is a world class IVF Centre in Punjab with the only objective to provide low cost ivf treatment with most advanced techniques.

    Gomti Thapar Hospital in Moga, Punjab has achieved a High Take Home Baby Rate at Lowest IVF Cost in Punjab, India

    IVF or Test Tube Baby Process

    Steps Involved

    There are many steps which precede and succeed in this step. It is usually helpful in cases where the couples fail to conceive due to an anomaly in both or either of the partners. It is also used in cases of unexplained infertility.

    1. Fertility Protocol: medications and blood tests are conducted in this phase. The doctor might advise the woman to do something which doesn’t make much sense, such as taking birth control pills. The couples might feel odd about it but it is usually prescribed to help the ovaries produce quality eggs which will be needed later on. It is also given for the reason that the pill can help in regulating the ovulation cycle. It is absolutely necessary for the doctor to know which phase of the ovulation cycle is going on in the body of the female so that he can control it.

    2. After three weeks of the starting date of menstruation or two weeks of taking low dose contraceptive pills, the patient is given injections to suppress her ovaries. After completing 10 days of the injection, the patient is asked to come for an estrogen test and an ultrasound scan.The patient is given gonadotropin drugs to stimulate her ovaries

    3. After 5 days of having stimulation drugs, the doctor checks if the follicles are developing.If the follicles are developing, the woman is given hCG(human chorionic gonadotropin) to trigger the process of ovulation.

    4. On the eleventh day, the patient is asked to return to the clinic for an ultrasound for checking the status of the follicles.

    5. On the twelfth day, the patient’s eggs are retrieved through a needle inserted into the ovary. The patient is usually given sedatives for this procedure. The sperm specimen is also collected around the same time. The eggs and sperms are then made to combine in a petri dish in a lab.

    6. On the thirteenth day, doctors check the number of eggs fertilized and their quality. In case there are a high number of embryos of good quality, some of them are implanted and the others are frozen for future use.

    7. On the fifteenth day or the seventeenth day, the embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus using a catheter. She is advised bed rest for two days, after which she can resume her normal routine.

    8. The twenty-eighth or thirtieth day.The final step of the pregnancy test is conducted.Thus we can see that the whole IVF cycle lasts for a period of 30 days.

    Why is it Needed?

    With the increase in infertility, the procedure is required for making many couples proud parents of their biological child. The couple may opt for many other procedures before finally opting for IVF. Medication, IUI, ICSI are some of the other techniques that are available for helping the childless couples. But if all the other methods fail to give results,the IVF technique is the ultimate treatment for infertility. Infertility treatment in Punjab is a much sought after treatment. At GomtiThapartest tube baby center, you can be assured of positive results.

    Factors Affecting The IVF Cost in Moga, Punjab

    The IVF cost in Punjab, Moga depends on the geographical location of the clinic and the doctor ‘s experience. IVF cost is a factor which shows a great variation. However, IVF Cost in Moga is bound to be cheaper as compared to bigger cities.

    Pre Ivf Care

    Quit smoking and Drinking

    If you are in the habit of smoking and drinking, it is time you quit it for the sake of your baby. Whereas alcohol is known to reduce the chances of IVF by 50 %, you probably must be knowing the fact that these habits result in premature aging and decrease in chances of conception.

    De Stress-Make your move towards creating a stress-free mind and body by

    indulging in meditation, yoga or massage. Take care of your physical and mental health.

    Don't forget your vitamins

    Taking in vitamins will enhance your chances of producing a quality egg. Ideally, one should start taking vitamins 6 months before the conception, but starting 1-2 months before will also be beneficial.

    Have a good quality of sleep

    Ensure that you have a good sleep, both in terms of quantity and quality. This will enhance the functioning of your sex hormones and ovulation process.

    Eat foods which enhance fertility

    Having eggs, caviar, nuts, seeds, and pollen will increase your fertility.

    Why Choose Gomati Thapar Hospital

    Gomati Thapar Hospital is one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab, Moga. The hospital has a well experienced and a cooperative team headed by IVF experts. The hospital has all the necessary physical resources to handle the process of IVF efficiently. Indeed it is one of the best IVF centre.

    Post Ivf Care

    • Avoid any exercise which will involve heavy lifting, vigorous actions such as cycling, jogging, skiing should be avoided but routine activity should be carried out.
    • Take the medication according to the doctor’s prescription.
    • In case you become pregnant, you will be advised to continue with the medicine until the twelfth week.
    • Strictly avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Exposure to X-Rays and smoking is also to be avoided.
    • Don’t take any medicine without consulting the doctor.

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