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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection | ICSI Treatment in Moga, Punjab

ICSI Treatment centre in Moga, Punjab, ICSI is a technique which is used to enable the doctor to pick up the best sperm and inject them into the egg. This technique has emerged as a landmark in the ART scenario, it is primarily used in IVF to give better results. Mostly, it is used in cases where the fault lies in the male partner. It is exceedingly significant in cases where the sperm count or quality of the sperm is low. While the normal IVF involves putting many sperms with the egg in hope of fertilization, the ICSI technique involves a single sperm being injected into the ovum. While some clinics recommend ICSI with every IVF cycle, many reserve the technique for cases with severe male infertility. It is known to be beneficial in cases where the male partner is suffering from –

  • Low sperm count (oligospermia)
  • Abnormally shaped sperm ( teratozoospermia)
  • Poor sperm motility ( asthenozoospermia)
  • If the man is producing sperms but he fails to have them in his ejaculate, then it extracted through testicular sperm extraction
  • Retrograde ejaculation(a condition in which the ejaculation drains internally into the urine instead of coming out.)

It is also used in cases where both the partners are infertile and may need the use of donor eggs and sperms.

It looks more deeply into male infertility which is more complex than female infertility, as opposed to the general ideology. It involves the use of special tools and techniques. Both the steps require high expertise as they comprise of complicated and delicate steps. The success rate of ICSI varies from 45 -60%. ICSI Treatment in Moga is available across many clinics.



It is recommended for those persons who have a very low sperm count or suffer from poor morphology or motility of the sperm. It is also recommended for people who failed to conceive after multiple attempts of IVF.


The eggs are held using a special pipette. The design of the pipette is such that it holds the eggs in an organized way. Then a sharp hollow needle is used to pick up a sperm. The needle containing the sperm is injected into the shell of the female egg. It is made sure that the sperm is injected into the internal part of the egg which is called cytoplasm. The eggs are monitored after a span of 24 hours to check whether the fertilization has taken place or not.


The statistics related to ICSI can be analyzed under two aspects-

  1. Fertilization rate- It defines the rate of fertilization. This comes out to be around 70-80 %.
  2. The pregnancy success rate is the figure which defines the number of patients who reported a successful pregnancy which resulted in childbirth. IVF process which uses the assistance of ICSI has higher chances of success. People with unexplained infertility may not benefit as much from the process of ICSI. Patients with low ovarian reserve are less likely to report a successful pregnancy as they might have a low number as well as the quality of eggs. With both the factors being low, chances of successful embryo formation and implantation are quite low.


The cost of the procedure will depend on various factors like the geographic location of the clinic. It will also vary according to the experience and qualification of the doctor. ICSI Cost in India can’t is mentioned in a single figure as it depends on a lot of factors.

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    As we all know, the quality of the treatment varies from clinic to clinic. One can ensure that he is getting the best package of treatment by getting a well-known clinic in the picture. Of course, why Gomati Thapar scores high over other clinics can be seen by the number of satisfied patients and the success rates of our treatment. Gomati Thapar Hospital is Best ICSI Centre in Punjab.We have a team of skilled embryologists who use advanced technology to ensure that you become pregnant successfully. The couples with the male partner having problems with sperm count, motility or morphology have benefitted greatly from this procedure. Our embryologists use ICSI in 80 % of cases of IVF with successful results. We also specialize in using techniques such as IMSI, TESE/PESA.

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