Laparoscopic Surgery For Uterus Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts

Laparoscopic Surgery in Moga, Punjab

Laparoscopy Surgery-What Is It?

It is a minimally invasive surgery which is used to perform the diagnosis of the internal organs by making small incisions. It is an advanced type of surgery which allows the doctor to view the internal organs of the abdomen or other organs without opening it. It poses less risk and discomfort to the patient. Laparoscopy surgery in Moga is available at all the clinics.


Laparoscopy Surgery For Uterus

Laparoscopy is an important tool for diagnosing disorders of the pelvic area, urinary bladder, and the uterus. If open surgery is required, the procedure will require long stitches and extensive invasion. The healing time will also be longer. But if the patient opts for laparoscopy, then the same surgery can be carried out with the help of small incisions which may be as small as only 1.5 inches long. The surgery is also called keyhole surgery. The surgery is often carried out under general anesthesia but local anesthesia can be given as well. Uterus Removal Services are readily available at Gomati Thapar clinic


What are Fibroids?

A fibroid is a growth that develops around the womb. Although it is noncancerous in nature, it causes discomfort and infertility. Fibroid treatment in moga can be availed at Gomati Thapar clinic. The fibroids may be seen in various sizes. The condition may exist without the female experiencing any symptoms but some may experience symptoms like –

  1. Discomfort during periods, heavy bleeding and pain
  2. Pain in the lower back
  3. Urge to urinate frequently
  4. Constipation
  5. Pain during sexual interaction
  6. Infertility
infographic fibroids

Laparoscopic treatment of Fibroids

The surgeon makes a small incision near the belly button, in which the laparoscope is inserted. The laparoscope is a tubular structure fitted with a camera. The surgery is performed with the help of instruments which are also inserted through other incisions in the wall of the abdomen. The treatment might be carried out with the help of a medical professional or with the help of a robot. Laparoscopy surgery in Punjab is a good treatment option. Uterine Fibroids Treatment can be carried out with laparoscopy.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Follicular cyst: These cysts get formed in a follicle where an egg develops during the ovulation process. The cysts may be removed through surgery , which could be an open surgery or performed through laparoscopy. As mentioned earlier , laparoscopic surgery is much more convenient from the patient’s point of view, as he experiences less pain and discomfort due to the less number of stitches and area of the incision. The surgery is used to extract cysts from one or two ovaries. The ovarian cyst should be removed if there are chances of it being cancerous, which might be the case in elderly women. It should also be removed if it is greater than 2.5 inches in diameter. The state of the cyst also matters. A cyst with solid components is much more dangerous than one which contains fluids. Another symptom which should not be neglected is the pain. If the cyst causes pain, then it is should be removed as soon as possible. Ovarian cysts treatment in Punjab is available at many clinics.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts

Laparoscopy surgery For ovarian cysts

Ovarian Cyst Removal—Laparoscopic Surgery Definition
Ovarian cysts are sacs which exist on the ovaries. These are filled with fluids. The cysts are usually harmless and are found in many females who are in the reproductive age. The cysts may occur on one or both the ovaries.

These cysts are of two types Corpus luteum cyst

It develops in the corpus luteum, The corpus luteum is a tissue that fills an empty follicle after ovulation. These cysts generally cause pain and bleeding.

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    Why laparoscopy?

    Laparoscopy is suggested as it can give a clear view of the abdomen including the appendix, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, liver, large or small intestine, spleen, and reproductive organs. As opposed to CT scan, X-Ray, and MRI, in which things are not as clear, laparoscopy offers a good internal view of the organs. The surgeon is thus able to get a clear picture of the internal organs. It is also helpful in ascertaining the presence of a tumor in the abdomen, diseases of the liver and presence of any fluid in the abdominal cavity.

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