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    Outstation patients

    We strive to offer prompt and focussed speciality and super speciality services to outstation patients daily at an affordable cost. Moreover, we also endeavor to schedule their treatment as per their requirements and comfort level. But they have to keep some important things in their mind at the time of booking which are listed below-:

    Initial step

    You must submit your details for consultation include-:

    • Name of the patient
    • Age of both genders
    • Marital Status
    • Previous test reports
    • Detail of any previous treatment taken
    • Health history detail of both partners

    Important Things to know

    Facilities to stay

    We offer you various types of facilities to stay if you are coming from outside Punjab. You can stay here in the hospital or if you want to go outside then we provide you list of hotels. You should choose according to your budget and comfort level.


    We additionally offer you a cafeteria facility inside the hospital. But we only serve vegetarian food in the cafeteria. The timings of our cafeteria are from 7 am to 8 pm. Food parcels can be obtained from 6 pm to 1 am through the parcel dispensing window of the cafeteria.


    We have our own FDA approved pharmacy in the hospital which is open 24*7. So, you have no need to go outside for medications.

    Transport Facility

    Don’t worry about the transport facilities because our hospital is situated on Ferozepur road which has 10 mins distance from the bus stand. You can easily pick auto rickshaw or book a cab as per your comfort level.

    ATM facility

    You can easily find an ATM facility near to hospital of any bank type. So, you don’t worry about the cash and cost of treatment. Additionally, we also have a card swipe machine in our hospital, so you can simply swipe the card and deposit the cost of the treatment.

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