PCOS Treatment

PCOS -what is it?

PCOS is an abbreviation for the polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It affects women in the age group of 11 to 65 years of age. It is quite common in Indian women as it is with other South Asian women. Its incidence is high in India due to the high incidence of diabetes. PCOS treatment in Moga is readily available at various clinics.



Symptoms of PCOS

The disease shows the following symptoms-
1. Irregularity in periods or complete absence
2. Pain in the pelvic area
3. Growth of extra hair on the face and other body parts
4. Acne
5. Inexplicable weight gain
6. Presence of dark patches on the back and the neck
7. Baldness
8. Infertility

These symptoms may be accompanied by increased androgen and serum insulin levels. The condition may be aggravated by obesity and other genetic and environmental factors. PCOS Treatment must be sought as soon as one experiences these symptoms.

Treatment of PCOS

The treatment needs to be carried out on multiple levels. The first and foremost line of treatment specifies that the woman should lose weight. Even women who don’t have PCOS must be encouraged to maintain ideal body weight. This weight management has to be done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even a weight loss of 5-10 % works wonders in this condition. The other problems are treated according to the symptoms . These problems include acne, facial hair, and loss of hair. The multi-pronged approach is the best as there is no specific treatment that can treat the hormonal imbalance and the clinical symptoms completely. PCOS specialist will help you manage the condition.

PCOS clinic

PCOS clinics are the best option if you want to get rid of PCOS. It offers both short term and long term benefits
1. Short term benefits
Cure of hirsutism (growth of excessive hair on the face and other body parts)
2. Treatment of acne
3. Treatment of irregular periods

Long term benefits

  1.  Regularisation of the ovulation cycle
  2. Prevention Hyperinsulinemia,
    -Hyperinsulinemia is a condition in which the levels of insulin become excessive ). It can result in various types of metabolic diseases.)
  3. Benefits to infertility patients
    It is beneficial for making an overall improvement in the general health and the fertility of the patient. It also prevents the development of metabolic syndrome. It plays an important role in eliminating the chances of endometrial cancer.

A look at the facts related to PCOS

We want to clear a few myths related to PCOS

  1.  While many people feel that this condition is not seen in many women, the fact is that around 25 % of women are affected by this problem.
  2. Some people think that all women with PCOS have ovarian cysts, it is not true. An ovarian cyst is a common symptom of PCOS , but a woman may have PCOS without having ovarian cysts. The converse is also true. All women with ovarian cysts need not have PCOS
  3.  All women with PCOS don’t show weight gain. While weight gain is a common symptom of PCOS, it is not necessary that every woman with PCOS will show it. Around 40 % of PCOS patients are thin.
  4. Women with PCS will be unable to bear children
  5. Yes , PCOS does create problems for conception and childbearing but it doesn’t mean that the patients have no chances of becoming a parent. These women can become mothers with the use of medicines and assisted fertilization.
  6.  Women in the 30 plus group only get affected by PCOS
    This might be the common impression of PCOS. But the truth is that women of all age groups are affected by it. According to PCOS doctor, the women affected may be as young as 8 years or as old as 65 years.
  7. PCOS and its cure
    many people are under the impression that treatment is readily available for it. The truth is that the disease can be managed rather than cured. The concerned women should learn to follow a healthy lifestyle and manage their weight. The disease is genetic and such diseases have to be managed rather than cured.

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