Recurrent Implantation Failure

WHAT IS Recurrent implantation failure?

Recurrent implantation failure is explained as a failure of embryo transfer during several cycles of IVF treatment. In addition, there is no formal standard in order to define the actual number of failed cycles. Also, we are not able to tell you about the number of embryos which we transferred during the IVF procedure.
Moreover, the procedure of embryo implantation includes the 2 or more main components such as a receptive endometrium which should allow implantation and a healthy embryo which leads to a healthy pregnancy. And if there is any abnormality found in the embryo then it will surely result in failure of embryo transfer. The treatment of RIF, which is useful to find the abnormalities which are contributing to the failure of embryo implantation. Basically, couples who are undergoing the process of infertility treatment must take embryoscope first which is useful to examine the condition of embryos in the incubator.
Many of studies linked the recurrent implantation failure with the IVF failure. But these terms are totally different because the failure of IVF is a too broad term in scientific language.


Reasons for Implantation failure

Congenital Uterine Abnormalities
This term is explained as abnormalities in the women’s uterus which happens during the embryo development.

Fibroids are the kind of tumors which usually found in the muscles of the uterus, which can lead to pelvic pain. They affect the implantation success rates due to altering the shape of the uterus. If you find anything similar to this then immediately contact us otherwise it will create problems in your conception. So, don’t take them easily and get proper treatment of this problem here in our facility.

Endometrial Polyps
These are found in the endometrium which leads to female infertility and the removal of endometrial polyps improves the chances of your pregnancy.

If you are struggling to have a baby from a long time then you must visit us once we will offer you the best treatments and guide you about the precautions which will help you to increase the chances of pregnancy.
Moreover, if you are regular smoker then you must quit smoking and some other types of drugs because these will worsen your condition over time. In addition, an ideal weight will increase your chances of pregnancy so you both partners maintain an ideal weight according to BMI.
Exercise also plays an important role in conception, you should go for a walk daily which is useful to reduce the risk of a serious problem.

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