Fertility Preservation

Definition of Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation basically considers by couples due to many medical and personal reasons. If you are experienced cancer and taking the treatment of cancer, then you need to preserve your fertility for the future. Since the cancer treatment directly attacks your ovaries and healthy cells which are useful for conception. The cancer treatment is responsible to make you infertile due to which you need to preserve your fertility. Not only cancer treatment, but some of your health conditions can also affect your fertility such as uterine Fibroids, endometriosis, and non-cancerous tumors which can increase the risk of premature ovarian failure.
Moreover, Fertility preservation in India is also performed if your menopause begins late such as at the age of 40 or 45.


Options of Fertility Preservation

There is a number of fertility preservation options available in fertility preservation clinic but different for both genders include-:
• Embryo Freezing
• Egg freezing
• Ovarian transposition
• Gonadal Shielding
• Sperm cryopreservation in males
Let’s have a look at these options how they work.

Embryo Freezing

This is the main method to preserve fertility for the future. In this process, first a surgeon collects eggs from the ovaries and then he collects the sperm from the male partner. After egg retrieval, a health care provider then perform fertilization in order to develop Embryos. Then the developed embryos are frozen for future use or if you wish to donate these to someone you is in need.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing option is similar to Embryo freezing but in this process, a health care provider only freeze and store those eggs which are unfertilized.

Ovarian transposition

In this process, infertility specialist changes the position of your ovaries with the help of minor surgical procedure. After the treatment, he will again relocate the ovaries to their normal position. This is done so that cancer treatment cannot harm your ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Gonadal shielding

This is specially performed for those who are going to take cancer treatment if they have a problem in the pelvic area. This option is usually designed for males in order to preserve their fertility with the help of lead shield. This lead shield is useful to protect testicles so that you cannot encounter any type of health condition in the future.

Sperm cryopreservation

This option is also useful to preserve fertility in males in which a surgeon collects the sample of semen in order to freeze it. After then freeze and store that semen for future use which is known as cryopreservation in medical language.

Moreover, some of the options are only suitable for those couples who have gone through puberty, additionally, have mature eggs and sperm as well.

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    Benefits of Fertility Preservation

    There are so many advantages of fertility preservation include-:
    • This is the process which provides you greater reproductive flexibility
    • Improves your chances of pregnancy without ART techniques
    • It is a process which is useful to avoid ovarian stimulation
    • No surgery required in this process.
    • The fertility preservation process is valuable to preserve hormonal function and fertility as well.

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