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Welcome To Gomti Thapar Hospital
An Advanced Laser Laparoscopic Surgical Centre

Welcome To Gomti Thapar Hospital An | Advanced Laser Laparoscopic Surgical Centre

A couple diagnosed with infertility are quite prone to facing emotional outburst coupled with anxiety and disillusionment. We, at Dr.Neelu’s hospital, very well understand the implications infertility has for a couple. That is exactly the reason why we are quite clear about our goals on a medical, ethical and professional level. We offer an exclusive treatment methodology which ensures quality treatment, the utmost care and high chances of the desired outcome. To help the patients feel easy and comfortable, we offer the facility of accepting the case details online and fixing appointments on the phone. We believe in customizing the treatment plan for our esteemed customers which we formulate after going through the case details and interacting with the patient. Genuinely speaking, we have the best team for bridging the gap between infertility and happy parenthood.

Why Do We Top Among Our Contemporaries?

Give us belief and trust, we will gift you happiness and health.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Neelu Koura
M.S.(Obstetrics & Gynae)
Mobile number: 9417278732


Dr. Neelu is the managing director of the IVF clinic in Moga. She is known as an excellent infertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon. She has spent a major portion of her life in serving patients from all over the state. Given the exceptional educational background and illustrious professional record, the patient can easily put herself in the hands of the expert doctor. The doctor is highly qualified and has 14 years of experience behind her.

Out of these 14 years, she has spent 6 years in private practices, 3 years in the civil hospital of Moga and 5 years in medical colleges.

Her clinic specializes in providing excellent IUI, IVF and ICSI facilities. It also provides the facility of laprohysteroscopy.

Definitely, with her expertise, years of excellence and high professional qualification, it doesn't come as a surprise that she is counted among the best gynecologists of moga.

Dr. Ashish Koura
(M.CH. Urology)

Dr. Ashish is known for his high standards, meticulous treatment and professionalism all over Moga. Dr. Koura specializes in urology. He has been delivering world-class urology solutions to the people of Moga and other patients of neighboring states. He also deals with male reproductive organs like penis, prostate, scrotum, and testis. He is undoubtedly one of the most well-known medical professionals in Moga. Dr. Koura symbolizes professional medical treatment coupled with the right attitude, ethics, and personal touch.

Treating patients with kidney and urinary bladder ailments is Dr.Koura‘s forte.

The ethical way of treating the patients and the high-quality standards of the clinic are worth praising. Truly,he is an icon of perfectionism in his field.

The diseases treated by him include UTI, Male Infertility, Bladder Incontinence, Kidney Diseases, bladder prolapse,Kidney and Ureteral Stones, Urethral Stricture and Paediatric Urological Disorders, etc.

Dr. Ashish Koura
Mobile number: 9855937254

Our Testimonials

Baby Care

Mother and child health is an important aspect of gynaecology. But at Dr.Neelu’s clinic, it is rather the lifeline of the hospital. Many mothers choose it for getting their baby delivered. On the insistence of a relative, I chose to get my baby delivered at Dr.Neelu’s hospital. I endured long hours of labor and a daunting time during delivery. The whole process was handled very efficiently and patiently by Dr.Neelu’s team. They made every possible effort to raise my comfort level and eliminate the trouble I  was having. When I was finally handed over my bundle of joy, I was amazed at the high quality of maternal care we both received. Truly, her hospital epitomizes high-quality treatment and thorough professionalism.

N.K Gupta

Gynaecological Services And IVF

I was diagnosed with infertility due to blockage of fallopian tubes. After hearing the news, I had given up hope of becoming a mother. But my happiness knew no bounds when my friend suggested that Dr. Neelu might bring a ray of hope to the dead end of my dreams. As luck would have it, in no time, I was undergoing treatment at her clinic. After a few cycles, we finally succeeded in reporting a successful pregnancy. Life has never been the same since I gave birth to my bundle of joy two years back. I can’t thank Dr.Neelu enough for the pains she took to see me smile. Truly, she is nothing short of an angel for me.

Sushil Joshi


I was experiencing excessive bleeding for the past few months. It was causing a lot of weakness and irritability in me. Someone suggested that I visit Dr.Neeelu. I couldn’t have asked for better advice. As soon as I met her, her warm nature, caring disposition and extremely professional attitude were evdent. As the diagnosis and treatment progressed, I felt quite sure of getting the best treatment. Today, I have no gynecological problems and enjoy good health. This has been made possible only by Dr.Neelu’s never-give-up attitude and commitment to providing quality treatment. Truly, the treatment availed at her hospital has been nothing short of divine intervention.

Harash Dhingra


I was suffering from irregular periods, pelvic pain and failure to conceive. I approached Dr.Neelu’s clinic. After a detailed case study and personal interaction, laparoscopy was suggested. Within a span of a few days, the diagnosis was in my hands. I was suffering from fibroids. The treatment process was equally meticulous. The team went the extra mile to ensure that I got the best treatment and maximum comfort. Today I am free of fibroids and a proud mother of a toddler. Visting Dr.Neelu’s clinic was the best thing that happened to me.

Deepali Malhotra

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